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We make custom videos in BDSM, bondage and foot fetish niches. You have a chanse to realize your dreams. You want some special action with your favorite model? – You are welcome – tell us all your innermost desires. Or maybe you are interested in a girl with certain height, weught, hair color etc? – We’ll do all our bests to find one you like.
Prices start from $150. Depends on the complexity of the plot. More pain level – more expensive. We are ready to realize any script you want with any extent of impact to models but not illegal.

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Examples of the custom videos we made

Captured in the winter forest

Outfit: sneakers tiedless (similar to rhe attached shoes) and sockless, low rise jeans (without pants),shirt inside jeans and short winter jacket.

Location: outdoor

A girl in the forest feels observed, suddendly she sees someone and starts to run away. From the agitation she falls repeatedly loosing your shoes, remaning running barefoot and her jeans low a bit down showing buttcrack or buttline. She is reached by the kidnapper that hits her and she falls down. The girl exhausted, begins to drag herself to try to escape from your kidnapper, but in vain. During the drag she streches along the ground showing naked stomach in contac with the ground. She is tied, and she struggle to escape with bare feet, low rise jeans and stomach outon the ground.
During the shooting the girl snot and saliva coming out from mouth due tue cold.

A fetish model interview

The video tells the experience of a girl who responds to an advertisement published in various media and participates in the audition of models to interpret particular fetish scenes of a forthcoming film. The recruiter with specific questions and requests will have to understand if the model is suitable to play the required role.


• The recruiter, in the plot he is indicate with REC.

• The aspiring model, in the plot she is indicate with MOD.

I attach two file in pdf format, they must be printed and filled during the action of the movie. The MOD is dressed in normal and not showy clothes (the only requirement wearing the skirt).

The plot

The video begins with the MOD, sitting at a desk, filling out the attached form (file FormApplicant.pdf).

Frame the MOD is writing.

To avoid waste time, this form can be partially prefilled for example for the description of the clothes and the list of the tattoos and piercings. It can be showed only at the end in order to read out the information. After a few seconds the REC enters the room and sits in front of the MOD. She gives her the completed sheet in all its parts. The REC informs the MOD of the target of this casting, in particular he insists on some untreatable needs:

• The MOD must act naked

• The movie she has to play is of the FETISH-light BDSM genre

• The MOD has to obey the director even if the requested scenes may seem humiliating or embarrassing.

The MOD is agree and the audition can be start. The REC reads the information on the MOD form and writes the name on its form.

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Check Application Form Information

The REC checks the accuracy of the written information, first the clothes the MOD wears. He checks the written description of her clothes. To checks the covered ones, the REC asks the MOD to show the bra and lift up the skirt to the navel. He records the conformity result on the form. Now it is time to check tattoos and piercings. The REC orders the MOD to strip naked, carefully fold all of her clothes and place them on the desk.

The naked and embarrassed MOD tries to cover herself but the REC orders her to assume the inspection position: standing with her hands behind her head, elbows open and legs apart.

He carefully checks every part of the naked body of the MOD and records the result of the presence piercings and tattoos on the form. With the MOD holding the position, he check the armpit and the pubic area in order to evaluate the hair status. He annotates the result on the dedicated field of the form.

Body measurements

Now, the REC accompanies the model to the wall where a meter is hung in the right position. He positions the model with her back to the wall straight with her hands at her hips and her legs together. He notes her height on the form. Then, he places the model on a bathroom scale and notes her weight.

After that, the REC take a tape measure and order to the MOD to move to the centre of the room and assume the inspection position. First he takes the distance D1 to D5 (as depicted in the picture) and annotate them on the form. He continues to the circumference measurements of the BICEP, BUST, WAIST, HIP, THIGH and ANKLE.

Obedience test

The REC with specific orders, put the MOD in humiliating positions and situation in order to evaluate her reaction. Strip search The REC simulate a strip search procedures: The REC order to assume and/or perform the following Raise arms up and slowly circle around without stopping.

Lift up breasts grabbing it by the nipples. Spread legs, bend slight the knees and open the vagina's labia. Squat with legs apart, hands up and cough three times. Bend over at the waist, head up and spread your butt cheeks so the agent can inspect the vagina and anus area. Cough, and cough again harder.

Stand up, sit on the chair edge and lift the feet up with knees wide apart. Using the fingers grab the pussy labia and spread them. Show also the clitoris.

The MOD holds the position until the next order, while the REC record the performance evaluation on the form.

Corner time positions

The REC orders her to stand up and assume the following poses, a variation of spanking corner time positions. The MOD moves to a wall, she bends forward without taking the nose off the wall. She stops in a horizontal position and holds the position for at least 30 seconds. From the previous position, she rests her forehead and nose on the wall, she moves her hands behind her back and with palms up she rests them on buttocks. Close the knees and lower the feet to the floor. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds. The REC evaluates correct posture and the ability to remain immobile in the assigned position. He records his opinion on the form.

Agility test

In this section the REC evaluates the agility and flexibility of the MOD. He orders the MOD to stay naked in the inspection and quickly he explain the procedure and anticipate the exercise that she will perform.

Warm-up exercise

The REC orders to do some dynamic warm-up exercises: He orders to start with the Jumping Jack exercise. After 60-90 seconds he orders to stop and after a little rest he orders to perform a jogging on spot exercise The camera shows the full naked body and scrutinize her bouncing breast. After 60-90 seconds stop the jogging and you perform the following exercises.

Bend over exercises

The MOD (phase1) from the standing position and legs together bends forward until it touches the toes. She remains still for a few seconds then (phase2) she spreads her legs keeping them well stretched, bends forward until she rests her hands on the floor. She stays still for a few seconds then (phase3) grabs her ankles and spreads her legs even more. After a few seconds, she puts her legs together and slowly gets up. She repeats the sequence 4-5 times.

Squat exercises

MOD performs squats by stopping with her thighs parallel to the floor with hands on knees and arms straight. She holds the position for about 5 seconds, stand up with arms up and start the sequence again.

MOD performs the squatting in the center of the room. She lower herself with knees apart and arms extended forward with closed fists. She holds the position for about 5 seconds, stand up, lower arms to the sides and start the sequence again.

MOD performs the squatting in the center of the room. She lower herself with knees apart and arms extended to the side parallel to the floor with fingers spread. She hold the position for about 5 seconds, stand up, raise her arms outstretched over the head and start the sequence again.

Pain endurance test

In this section the MOD assumes the indicated positions and she will be beaten with the riding crop on some sensitive parts of the body.

The MOD squats until sit on the floor, puts her hands on the floor behind the back with the arms outstretched and legs apart. Then lift your pelvis to bring your back parallel to the floor, head back and knees apart. He holds the position with the pubic area in full view. The REC with the riding crop hits the upper part of the inner thighs near the pubis. He administers at least four strokes for each thigh. At the end he taps lightly on her pussy lips and clit. After a few seconds it allows the MOD to stand up.

The second part starts. The REC orders the MOD to sit on the ground with legs together and stretched forward. Then, the MOD lies back and raises the legs to 90 degrees. The MOD continues to bring the legs back, spread them and lift the butt. She holds this position and she waits for the punishment.

The REC starts hitting in the lower ass area with the cane, at least four hits for each buttock. At the end he strokes the cane on her pussy lips and taps on the anus. After a few seconds, order the MOD to stand up. The REC tells her to show the marks on her thighs, turn around, lean forward and show the marks on her buttocks.

Determination test

In this section, the REC evaluates the degree of concentration and determination of the model. The REC orders the MOD to stand naked on tiptoe, legs very wide, arms outstretched and open above the head, like an X, in the center of the room, then the blindfold and suggests not to move from this position for any reason.(Alternatively you can tie her to a St. Andrew's cross). She will be touched in several parts of the body and she will have to declare at each contact the part of the body touched. The REC takes a long toothpick, spins around the MOD for a few seconds then starts touching the MOD on her bare skin with the tip of the toothpick. The REC focuses on the most sensitive areas of the MOD: the armpits, the nipples, the spine, the butt cheeks, the hips, the navel, the groin, the inner part of the thighs. The MOD feels the skin sting, emits slight moans but does not move from the assigned position. Then, when the legs of the MOD start to shake, the REC accompanies her to the desk and makes her lie on her back with the blindfold on. Now, the REC guides her to bend and spread her legs to show off her pussy and anus. See figure on the side.

The REC begins to prick her pussy lips focusing more on the mound and clitoral area. Then, he grabs the labia minora, one at a time, stretches and pricks them. To terminate the test, the REC orders the MOD to pull the knees towards her shoulders in order to better show the perineum and anal area. The REC firmly pricks the perineum area, from the end of the pussy lips to the anus. He continues to puncture the anus along its entire circumference.

The REC applies four clothespins to each pussy lips. He orders the MOD to grab the clips and keep her pussy lips well apart. Her sensitive inner part and clitoris are in plain sight and defenseless to the pricks of the toothpick. After some endless seconds, the MOD can sit down and remove the clothespins and the blindfold. The REC orders her to get off the desk and get dressed.

Final greetings

The MOD takes her clothes and starts dressing. As soon as she puts on her panties, the REC stops her and orders her to slip them into the groove of her buttocks and between her pussy lips. The wedgie, see the picture aside. The REC orders her to continue dressing, leaving her panties in this position, between her pussy lips. The MOD finishes dressing and waits for the REC to finish filling out its form.

The REC looks up at the MOD and orders her to lift her skirt to check if the panties are still between her pussy lips. Then the REC asks her to lower her panties to her knees, spread her legs and keep her skirt up both front and back. With the MOD in this position, the REC synthesizes the result of the audition.

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