Act of Bondage

Greta Glory hogtied in the snow – Extended version

We’ve made a re-montage of our old famous clip about Greta’s adventures on a cold winter day. The new episodes included in new 40 minutes version. Enjoy, gentlemen.

This is a story about brave readhead girl Greta Glory. She gets an order to undress outside and to stand and kneel naked and barefoot in different poses in front of the camera and her Master. Next the Master ties her up, puts a ball-gag into her mouth and stays her alone. Greta seems to like bondage in the snow, she is about to enjoy that. Just when the Master hogties her she starts to scream touching the cold snow with her naked belly.

Full video length 39:57
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Kink Unlimited on

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